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In their eyes




Main Entry:innocence
Part of Speech:noun
Definition:harmlessness, naiveté
Synonyms:artlessness, candidness, credulousness,forthrightness, frankness, freshness,guilelessness, gullibility, ignoranceinexperience,ingenuousness, innocuousness, innoxiousness,inoffensiveness, lacknescience, plainness,purity, simplicitysincerityunaffectedness,unawareness, unfamiliarity, unknowingness,unsophistication, unworldliness, virtue
Antonyms:experienceimpurity, knowledge,treacherousness, wildness

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Now I ask, where did our innocence go when we grow up? Is it still there in the deepest trenches of our hearts? Or is it washed away once faced with life's crucial reality?

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