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Langkawi | Tropical Charters' Sunset Cruise


It was one fine Sunday noon when I arrived in Langkawi, I immediately settled at Tropical Charters’ Homes and leisurely strolled at the nearby and popular Pantai Cenang Beach before finally heading to the jump-off area for my booked Sunset Dinner Cruise with Tropical Charters.

Our cruise that afternoon a 55-foot twin deck catamaran that is called by the name, Seasation. I can accommodate up to 65 people on borad and quite a popular one among guests both foreigners and locals alike coined the term “Bok Rayat” (meaning People’s Boat) for it.

Upon on-boarding at the cruise, you can see the beauty around the marina of RW. As the cruise journey started, you would immediately be captivated the view overlooking some of 100 plus islands that Langkawi have.  That splendid view while enjoying some snacks and drinks. Yes, unlimited beers and cocktails on board!

As usual, I was busier taking photos and videos of the beauty I have newly laid eyes upon while enjoying the prelude of the afternoon’s course. Later, crew started to grill and barbeque for dinner. You read that right, barbequing while we are in the middle of the Strait of Malacca.

I have been to a few sunset cruises in different places but what sets apart this experience with Tropical Charters is their more dynamic itinerary. When we headed further to the west of Langkawi and stabilized surrounded by the islands, guests are encouraged to jump at the front of the catamaran, strategically so the current will take you to the rear of the ship and lets you experience their so called “sea spa.” Yes, I was securely (with a lovely guide assistant who is a diver) at their big jacuzzi net where one can sit and enjoy the waters current with the view of the sun setting.

Few minutes after a few jumps then swim, we were exhausted but greeted with another highlight – buffet dinner! Their dinner includes variety of choices with Western and Asian flavors. Later, when the big beautiful sun finally sets to the horizon and all the snaps were taken, an on-board music starts to queue with guests dancing with the groove.

It was one fun-filled and well spent afternoon that I recommend that you should try when in Langkawi to enjoy the view and experience with your loved ones.

People behind Tropical Charters

Staff from the Red Sky Langkawi with Sir Chamandran 

Founder Dato' Alexander Issac and Langkawi Operations 
Head Chamandran Ramanathan

The Sunset Dinner Cruise by Tropical Charters is scheduled every day from 5pm to 8pm. Drinks, BBQ Dinner, and transfer included (surcharge depends per hotel). What makes TC a wise choice is that they are the first Malaysian yacht company that goes ecofriendly. Starting Aug 31, they’ve launched the first solar-powered vessel and aims to convert the existing ones. That is one breakthrough that is more exciting because it proves their care to preserving Langkawi’s beauty. 

For more tours around the island via Tropical Charters, click here.

Tropical Charters Langkawi office is at Pantai Tengah, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. Further information at, contact, or any of the following social media accounts: facebook, instagram, twitter.



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